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About me

Jake Gordon

I am a principal product engineer who builds web and mobile applications, startup engineering teams, and occasional fun games on the side. I am based in the Pacific Northwest.

I have been doing this for a living for over 20 years, and have been coding for over 30 years after first getting my hands on a C64 as a teenager in the mid 80’s. In 1994 I received my Computer Science degree from Imperial College in London.

  • I solve problems
  • I design
  • I code
  • I test
  • I debug
  • I fix
  • I maintain
  • I support
  • I think
  • I read
  • I write
  • I learn
  • I operate
  • I measure
  • I analyze
  • I automate
  • I communicate
  • I collaborate
  • I report
  • I manage
  • I lead
  • I mentor
  • I recruit
  • I set the tone

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